Monday, July 8, 2019





Greetings!  Before I continue with this Blog, I would like to endorse and promote the following foundations, organizations, businesses and community groups:





























                                                                        Iacon City








                                                Dangote International








                                               Wounded Warrior Project   








Paralyzed Veterans of America








                                                AMVETS (American Veterans)









Purple Heart Foundation








                                                        DAV (Disabled American Veterans)







FHF (Fisher House Foundation)






AOV (Aid Our Veterans)





USO (United Services Organization, Inc.) 




 HCF (Hanover Crew Foundation)





Habitat 4 Humanity








Saint Bernard Project









23 and Me















Fight ALZ









                                         Superhero Run 2 Cure Diabetes (5K)








                                    Komen Foundation's Race 2 Cure (Breast) Cancer





                                                             CFF (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation)





                                   Treatment 4 GERD/Acid Reflux Disease









                                                    Sleep Apnea Treatment










                                            DWB (Doctors Without Borders)






                                             KZ Investments













United Negro College Fund















Doctor Shahid ("Math") Muhammad








                                                 Van Jones's Rebuild The Dream Foundation









Innocence Project










Lionheart Foundation









 ILA (Internat'l Literacy Association)









Black Sun Comics





















Stop Bullying and Harassment











Coexist Foundation











Employment @ Kroger










Kroger ClickList










The Little Clinic











Kroger - Wellness Your Way











Kroger Personal Finance











Kroger Food Sustainability











Sports Backers of Central Virginia












Feed More Foundation








Pamunkey Regional Public Libraries








Henrico County Public Libraries







91.7 FM WKDU




 97.3 FM WRIR













1140 AM WRVA










   So now on with this blog ... 










 Here is a summation of my YAHOO! Groups that can be viewed General Audiences: 



  UFOs and Haunted Places







               Here is a summation of my GOOGLE Blogs that can be viewed General Audiences:  (Pending; to be created soon!)

Come on over and visit each Group and/or Blog as soon as you can!  Thank you very much visiting!  Have a very blessed day!   😇😇😇😇😇















Safety Pup


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